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What are the allowed limits?

ItemDaily LimitCumulative Monthly Limit
Maximum wallet balanceUSD 8,000USD 8,000
P2P transactionsUSD 4,000USD 4,000
ATM withdrawalUSD 1,000USD 2,000 (only if the user is a salaried customer, if not limit remains at USD 1,000)
Cash outUSD 1,000USD 1,000
Top up (ATM + Agents cash-in)USD 4,000USD 4,000
E-commerce transactionsUSD 2,000USD 4,000
Top up (IBAN)USD 4,000USD 4,000
QR payment (Dynamic + Static)USD 1,000USD 4,000
Bill PaymentsUSD 4,000USD 4,000